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  About AWOT
About AWOT

AWOT Global Corporation is a trusted and top ranked logistics service provider based in China offering comprehensive logistics service solutions to customers regionally and globally.

We are positioned as an unique Asia-oriented company with focus on China as home market. Forty-two self-operated service locations in China and Asian countries distinguish us from other competitors. We are strategically present in North American cities as well. Our network is complemented with more than 300 agents worldwide.

Our goal is to become a world-class logistics service company and a clear choice of our business partner.


As a non-asset 3rd PL provider, we secure scheduled flight space and allotment through contracts and agreements on yearly basis ensuring steady and reliable space supply so to help our customers manage their supply chains. Meanwhile, the agility and access of chartering airplanes to respond to critical market demands has earned us a reputation in the business community and customers alike.


Our specialty marketing and sales teams with service programs designed professionally for industries like semi-conductors, auto industry, e-commerce and U.S. market have been the core sources of revenue growth. Tons of freight handled through the system is recorded unprecedentedly every year.

Information System is firmly believed and intelligently invested. The "Information Technology R&D center" is the heart of our operations system which provides daily internal tools and integration platform with customers'. Innovation is a priority; we take it seriously.


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